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Pig and Chicken Roasts

Pig and chicken roasts are a Rupena’s Fine Foods tradition. Rotisserie units are available if you want to do it yourself or we can cook it for you. Seasoned with Rupena's Secret Seasonings, choose chickens, a pig(s) or a combination of both. Nothing beats slow cooking over an open pit. Complement your affair by grilling additional Rupena’s Fine Foods favorites such as Angus beef, lamb or veal.

Simply stated...there is nothing like it! You and your guests will enjoy the simmered-in flavor and quality meats. This unique option of preparing your very own pig and/or chicken roast will surely entertain your guests. They'll be talking for weeks!

Even though this method of cooking can be done year round, we tend to get a rush of demands as we approach spring and summer, so please, call now! You won't find better quality and service anywhere. A million people can't be wrong!

Call John A. Rupena today to place your order!  414-543-7447

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